Network Masterclass

Networking: What is the most important quality for networking?This question arose during the master class “Networks” at the University of Amsterdam on Friday, May 13, 2016. During the master class, various descriptions of networks emerged.

My description is “The development of visibility, trust and gun factor with someone, so that this person recommends you to one of his contacts”. And what is the most important quality?

According to research among a group of 2500 networkers, the most important characteristic was: “likes to help others”. That also fits well with the most important secret of networks: Givers gain.

Networking starts with “Giving”. “Giving” takes all forms: from recognition, attention and respect to time and advice. The participants of the master class were all highly motivated to develop their network.

This was apparent from the response to the online intake. Developing a network vision focused on giving and sharing first is one of the things that the participants will further develop. That will also give an immediate answer to the question: “How can I make sure people will remember me?”

Your network will remember you if you are sufficiently visible, if your contacts notice that you like to help them and of course if you offer good help.

Quality is one of the most important pillars for turning trust and gun factor into a recommendation. After all, the recommendation also puts the recommender at risk of his own reputation!

He or she must be able to trust that you are worthy of this trust!