GlaxoSmithKline, with around 500 marketing and sales people in The Netherlands, strives to improve the quality of care in the Netherlands. With that in mind, we offer our district managers the opportunity to develop annually in that area.

One of our training objectives was based on communication with the customer: “You often don’t get around to discovering what your conversation partner actually finds important. The time is too short.

How do you start a conversation? How do you discover opportunities to improve the quality of patient care together? ”Eric van de Graaff People Development Business has trained our Rayon managers in a very professional and enthusiastic way.

Line managers and participants are involved in the preparation. The trainer, together with a district manager, carried out a double visit to optimally match the training to the target group and the practice.

During the training, the district managers trained skills and developed actions to improve the quality of care. These are laid down in individual action plans together with tips and suggestions. Our district managers evaluated this training with a good 8!

Monic Groenendaal,

Training Manager, Competence & Development Center (CDC), GlaxoSmithKline Netherlands

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