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“Those who think they can change the world, 

are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

Empowering L&D Professionals through AI: A Global Community Vision


“Our vision is to create a pioneering global community dedicated to empowering Learning and Development professionals. By harnessing the potential of AI tools, we aim to revolutionize corporate training and development practices. This community will serve as a hub for sharing knowledge, fostering innovation, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and technological adeptness in the L&D field.”

Do you know someone with, or have ideas yourself, about how to built a community of Learning & Development Innovators? Maybe you know a EdTech learning geek, like myself? Please share!

To all my friends in L&D,

Defining Our Community: L&D Professionals and AI Enthusiasts”

“The core audience of our community includes L&D professionals across various industries, AI enthusiasts, and corporate trainers. We aim to cater to a diverse range of professionals, from those just beginning to explore AI in L&D to seasoned experts seeking advanced insights. Our inclusive approach will ensure a rich, varied exchange of ideas and experiences.”

“Curating Impactful Content and Resources for L&D AI Mastery”

“Our community will explore a range of cutting-edge topics including AI, design thinking, self-directed learning, and skill-building. This also includes AI tool tutorials, case studies of AI in corporate L&D, expert talks, and interactive webinars. Our content strategy focuses on practical application, latest trends, and fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s role in enhancing L&D effectiveness. We aim to empower L&D professionals to stay ahead of trends and effectively integrate innovative practices into corporate training.”


I have a passion for learning experiences that learners love and that help the organisation to thrive by unleashing critical capabilities. I aspire to be on a Learning Experience journey, to disrupt the silo’s, to gather an excellent curious crew, to create awesome experiences and to make a dent in the learning universe. 

I joined up with Mike and Marcus and discovered a shared passion. Together we are on a mission: “to build a community of L&D Innovators exploring and learning how AI can enhance L&D in corporate settings, to advance your career.

How cool could it be if online learning events became learning magnets: Serious Playgrounds full of inspiring learnings, the latest effective and efficient AI L&D tools, supported by peer-to-peer learnings, interactions and social recommendations? And yes some general community guidelines to support us too. Fully searchable and selectable based on your learning objective, design requests and on learning time available? et all hugely effective and bringing value to you and your organisation…

Sounds like a Mission Impossible? To me it sounds like the perfect moon-shot!


“To facilitate dynamic interaction and resource sharing, we propose using LinkedIn as our primary platform. LinkedIn’s professional network will enable our community to connect, share insights, and access a wide range of resources on the latest trends in L&D, including AI, innovative design, and skill development strategies.”

We will use the Thinking Effect Platform to test and evaluate the AI tools.

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